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The Oracle Fuzz is my original take on the classic two-transistor British Fuzz circuit, but bears no sonic resemblence to the standard Fuzz Face of yore. The Oracle is voiced to resemble a MK 1.5 Tonebender’s vocal midrange bark with a thicker low end, and incorporates a unique High-Frequecy-Cut “COLOR” knob which allows the user to dial in the desired amount of high frequency sizzle and presence.


  • DENSITY: Fuzz Level- Designed to deliver anything from a moderate fuzzy Overdrive to full-on,
  • sustained, “flutey” ’60s sustain.
  • COLOR: High Frequency Cut knob; Thick & Dark or Bright & Cutting and everything in between.
  • OUTPUT: Volume from the Oracle can be dialed in for unity rhythm levels or increased for lead boost.


  • New Old Stock Phillips OC76 Germanium Transistors
  • Carbon composition Resistors
  • New Old Stock Phillips “Tropical Fish” capacitors
  • Turret Board construction on 1/8?-thick G10 board material
  • Solid Core copper wire
  • True Bypass Wiring
  • Large 1590DD Size Enclosure
  • 9V Battery operation only

Price: $350 (US)

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