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The King’s Head Fuzz is a three-transistor Tonebender-styled fuzz that is intended to serve as the “sister” fuzz to the Santa Muerte. Where the Santa Muerte is raspy, raucous and slightly sputtery, the King’s Head fuzz is smooth &  focused with a strong midrange growl and no extraneous high frequency or low frequency presence. The King’s Head is the product of my time spent exploring old Tonebender MK2 and MK3 circuits and their variants, and incorporating what I like from those styles into a fuzz that is simple, extremely organic, and which compresses and “blooms” like a natural extension of your guitar & amplifier.

At low settings on the FUZZ knob, the King’s Head excels as a rhythm fuzz or for adding sustain to single-note lines. Unlike some Tonebenders, the King’s Head sounds great with the FUZZ knob all the way down, and retains all the dynamics of higher FUZZ settings.

At maximum FUZZ settings, the King’s Head has sustain comparable to the best Tonebender MKII circuits, but with far more focus to the distortion and no low end ‘flab’.

The KH also sports a simple “High Cut” switch which allows you to eliminate high frequency artifacts created by transistor clipping… helpful for use with overly bright amps, and also useful as a COLOR switch to further accentuate the KH’s mid-range presence.

PRICE: $300 USD shipped in the CONUSA.


  • NOS Valvo OC79 transistors in the first two positions, NOS CV5712 (OC71) black glass transistor in the final transistor position (NOTE: CV5712 transistors will be used in the first batch only, as I have very few on hand)
  • NOS Philips “tropical fish” and Sprague capacitors
  • Carbon Composition resistors
  • Turret & Eyelet Board construction
  • Grey Hammertone powder coated enclosure (finished in-house)
  • 3PDT true bypass switching
  • Standard barrel “Boss Style” 9V power jack (center pin negative)
  • 125B sized enclosure

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