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The Grey Owl fills a unique void in the realm of Silicon based overdrive & fuzz units, living in that “just beginning to saturate” grey area of  distortion that few pedals excel at … Hence the name “Grey Owl”.

In designing the Grey Owl, I set out to make a pedal which was voiced slightly DARKER than most drive units without sacrificing clarity. In addition, I developed the gain of the Grey Owl to be more articulate and less intense than the classic MUFF style fuzz, resulting in a distortion than comes on gradually and can perform overdrive, mild distortion, and moderate fuzz duties. Sonically dense and chewy yet touch-responsive… that is the secret of the Grey Owl Fuzz.


  • DENSITY: Controls the drive of the Owl, from moderate drive to “just beginning to saturate” fuzz
  • COLOR: Turning to the left of 12:00 on the COLOR knob introduces a mild low-midrange bump, while turning to the right of 12:00 gradually introduces a touch more treble while attenuating bass.
  • OUTPUT: Allows you to achieve any output from unity volume to a boosted output.


  • Custom designed through-hole PCB Construction
  • High Quality current-production Silicon transistors and MOSFETs
  • True Bypass Switching
  • 9V Battery or Standard Boss-Style “Barrel Plug” Power

Price: $200 (US)

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