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The Dark Horse Boost combines the rich timbre of my favorite vintage Germanium Boost pedals with the vast output and headroom of modern MOSFET-based boosters. The result is a dual-stage, cascaded Boost pedal capable of delivering everything from a warm clean boost, to light Overdriven grind, to intense preamp punishment. Make no mistake, though…. The Dark Horse is intended to be used to BOOST your guitar signal, and wasn’t intended to excel at producing dirt without a volume bump. The magic of the Dark Horse is in the way that it blends with your preamp to act as an additional gain stage, introducing all of the additional volume you could want and the unique dynamism and texture of New Old Stock Germanium transistors.


  • DRIVE: Controls the GERMANIUM boost section of the Dark Horse, which feeds into the following MOSFET stage.
  • COLOR: Controls the amount of Low-End which is clipped by the circuit. Turning this knob CCW creates a fuller low end which overdrives more readily.
  • OUTPUT: Controls the MOSFET stage of the Dark Horse , and allows you to acheive any output from slightly higher than unity volume to an extremely boosted output.


  • Custom designed through-hole PCB Construction
  • “New Old Stock” Germanium Transistor and high quality current production MOSFET
  • True Bypass Switching
  • 9V Battery or Standard Boss-Style “Barrel Plug” Power

Price: $200 (US)

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