Moniker Guitars Hype Box - Overdrive/Boost


The HYPE! knob blends in our unique overdrive circuit with your clean signal. The higher you turn the HYPE! knob the more of the overdrive effect enters the signal path. Turn the HYPE! knob all the way up to find out what the hype is really all about.

The EGO knob is a clean boost featuring +12db of clean gain and -6db of attenuation (when knob is turned fully counterclockwise). The EGO knob boost circuit is post HYPE! circuit, meaning it boosts the entire signal but does not change to tonal properties that you have set on your hype channel.

Special Features:

  • Includes an internal tone knob that allows you to tweak the high end response of the pedal to your liking.
  • Internal True Bypass/Buffered bypass selection switch
  • Runs off a 9v battery or industry standard 2.1mm negative tip 9-18V power.
  • Every pedal is hand painted and numbered 1-50. This is a limited edition that is being made just for our Semi-Hollow kickstarter campaign.
  • Designed in collaboration with a mystery engineer who is behind many Music Industry products of the last decade.

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