Mojo Hand FX Luna Vibe


Mojo Hand

Classic vibe tones and beyond. Expression pedal input for speed control on the fly.

The Mojo Hand Luna Vibe features true bypass switching, powder coated finish, die-cast enclosure and tough as nails construction.


  • Depth knob ranges from subtle to pronounced throb
  • Rate control selects a wide range of vibe speeds from a very slow cycle to very fast
  • The Volume knob ranges from cut to boost, unity gain is near 12:00 (50%)
  • The EXP jack accepts an unmodified (stock) mono expression pedal (see below for specs.) or the Mojo Hand Ramp Unit (please consult separate description)
  • The same EXP jack on the Luna will accept the stereo cable from an expression pedal and the mono cable from the Ramp Unit, no modifications needed
  • Accepts the same 9 volt power as all other Mojo Hand pedals
  • Up to 15 volts can be connected to the power jack, but without added benefit since the internal voltage is regulated to not exceed 9 volts
  • The Luna is designed to operate with strong guitar level signals, but not with the high level in an amplifier's effects loop or from boost pedals
  • If a volume boost is desired to be used in conjunction with the Luna, it's advisable to use the Luna's volume knob for this purpose to avoid headroom limits Luna Vibe Update: Toggle Switch The lower position is the unmodified vibe effect. The upper position 1. adds a subtle vibrato (pitch shift) to the vibe signal and 2. reproduces the pick attack with increased clarity for best mix penetration in a live performance or when stacking effects.

Updates---applies to serial numbers 052 and higher:

  • The Luna has been further refined to combine its effect with distortion and fuzz signals connected to the vibe input
  • High end treble from a fuzz is not accentuated, only combined with the vibe effect
  • The fuzz equalization is not overtly modified by the vibe
  • Switching the vibe in and out with fuzz on the input does not require altering the tone or volume setting of the fuzz
  • If a boost is required, increase the volume of the vibe rather than the volume of the fuzz to conserve headroom
  • Fuzz or distortion after vibe preserves the vibe's throb while replacing the vibe's high frequency signature with that of the fuzz
  • Fuzz or distortion before vibe preserves the vibes frequency range as well as the throb but has been unfavored by players due to vibe incompatibility issues that have now been addressed in the Luna
  • Fuzz, distortion, or OD before vibe permits the guitar to be connected directly to the input of the dirt pedal where the delicate interaction between the guitar pick-ups and the pedal input circuit exists, allowing, for example, clean-up with the guitar's volume knob and normal tonal balance
  • Fuzz can be connected to the Luna's output if desired without experiencing piercing high frequencies that are a byproduct of unmodified vibes
  • The pick attack through the new Luna is more prominent
  • Signal drop-out or muddyness, which are typical issues with stock vibes and appear in specific spots of the vibe cycle have been reduced
  • In general, the Luna is more fuzz, distortion, and OD friendly, but as a result is warmer with less high end
  • For full high-end frequency reproduction, the Gyro rotating effect is recommended
  • The Luna is now less suited than the Gyro for clean playing with full high-end frequency reproduction due to its adaptation to fuzz signals.

Expression Pedal Characteristics:

  • Select an exp pedal for use with the Luna that is normally used as a replacement volume pedal for keyboards
  • It should Include only one cable with a 1/4 inch stereo phone plug at the free end
  • The other end of the cable is internally wired to the pedal, no jacks on the pedal
  • One internal single 25k potentiometer, 20k to 50k is acceptable
  • The center lug of the potentiometer comes connected to the tip of the phone plug
  • The outer two connections to the potentiometer can be inverted if desired to change the fast speed from the toe of the pedal to the heel
  • The volume pedal used to control speed does not cause tone loss which is a common issue with volume pedals connected directly to the guitar signal
  • Tone Factor offers an expression pedal for use with the Mojo Hand Luna, Gyro, and 770 Flanger
  • The exp pedal offered by Tone Factor does not require modification.

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