Mojo Hand FX Harvey - DC Drive


Tone Factor

The Harvey DC is a dual channel distortion unit capable of everything from neutral low gain tones to full-on distortion. The Harvey has individual volume and tone controls to balance the two channels. Footswitch 1 (right side) turns the unit on and off, Footswitch 2 (left side) switches from channel A to B, and vice versa.


  • True Bypass Switching
  • 9 Volt Center Negative DC jack (Boss Style)
  • Custom Powdercoat Finish.
  • Die Cast Enclosure
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Useful in applicationas that require limited space
  • Includes overdrive and distortion is one pedal
  • Alternating between OD and distortion requires the use of only one footswitch
  • Each channel includes independent treble and volume controls so you can compensate for the tonal imbalance that results from switching between light OD and heavy distortion
  • OD channel maintains clarity for rhythm parts, and provides full frequency range reproduction without a mid hump
  • The distortion channel is optimized for rhythm and lead by maintaining clarity
  • Both channels are optimized for maximum dynamics and minimum compression
  • The OD channel responds to the guitar volume control
  • Only the gain control is common to both channels. A compromise due to limited space
  • For applications that require distortion from channel two, the one gain control is sufficient since it provides a wide range of OD, from clean boost to almost distortion on channel one while having a reduced influence on the degree of distortion from channel two
  • The gain control can effectively pad the input sensitivity for use with active pick-ups, or for stacking with other effects

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