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Mojo Hand

The DMBL is our take on what many consider to be the "Holy Grail of overdrive tones". Rich in harmonic content with a spongy low end and growling mid range. The DMBL's circuit is fine tuned with all of the elastic and touch responsive characteristics that helped make it's inspiration legendary.

  • VOLUME - controls signal level
  • GAIN - back down for low gain punch or crank for heat
  • BASS - shape thickness to taste
  • TREBLE - dial in desired amount of cut
  • 2 way toggle - {voicing switch}
  • UP - round and robust with smooth bottom and a flatter EQ
  • DOWN - thick and meaty with a pronounced bite and midrange growl


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1 review, average score of 9 / 10

2015-07-309/10  Incredibly great tone, a bit fuzzy. I usually use it with a Tube Screamer with no gain in front of it to increase attacks. Awesome!...

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