Mojo Hand FX Buzzaround


Mojo Hand FX

Limited Edition Buzzaround Fuzz!

This is a unique collaboration between Mojo Hand Fx and Stephen Douglas Design. Each one is hand-wired with individually tested transistors. They also feature a relic look, with variation from each pedal to the next, so no two are exactly alike.

This is a limited run of 20 pedals total. Each comes with a signed certificate of authenticity and it's own "Mojo Box".

The original circuit was manufactured by Baldwin Burns LTD in the 60's. The most famous user of the Buzzaround is Robert Fripp. There weren't many originally manufactured, so it's somewhat of a mythical pedal. It's a pretty versatile fuzz able to go between Tonebender type sounds and some near Big Muff tones.

Messing with the dials enough will allow you to get a gated fuzz tone as well. Considering the amount of gain in the circuit it really is one of the more versatile circuits out there. Combining that versatility with a master volume control opens up the options even more!

From Stephen (formerly of SkinPimp): "In these I decided to use 2N404A. The original circuit uses NKT213's but most out there these days are fakes or duds. The 2N404A is a very reliable transistor and does a great job of keeping the original tone of the circuit."

Available exclusively at, while supplies last.

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