Moen MISO-8 Isolated Pedal Power Supply



The Moen MISO-8 is designed with a high efficiency transformer that provides 8 regulated & isolated DC outputs that are split into 3 groups;

  • 2 variable outputs - the first can be dialed between 9 ~ 18V DC at 50mA, the second can be dialed between 5 ~ 9V DC at 100mA.
  • 4 switchable outputs - all 4 outputs can be switched between 9V DC and 12V DC at 100mA each.
  • 2 high current outputs - the last 2 outputs provide a 9V DC supply at 350ma each for those power hungry effects.

The unit also features LED indicators for each output, overload protection for each output, side radiator louver design to ensure it works properly even in a hot environment, 110v/220v AC input switch and an AC power outlet on the rear.


  • LED indicators for each output.
  • Overload protection for each output.
  • Side radiator louver design to ensure it works properly even in a hot environment.
  • 110v/220v AC input switch.
  • AC power outlet on the rear.

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