Moen GEC9 Effects Loop System



GEC9 offers unprecedented control over your guitar effect system.


  • Recall presets instantly, 50 presets ( 5 presets/bank x 10banks).
  • 6 Series loops and 3 separate loops.
  • The separate loops can be used as latched switches for AMP channel switching, switching AMP channel by one preset!
  • Each separate loop can be used as programmable ABY switcher.
  • There are two output jacks which are able to output to two AMPs at the same time.
  • "POP" cancellation circuit, elimintes "POP" sound when switch effects.
  • Instant MUTE design. The MUTE is also a "Switch to TUNER" switch.
  • Buffered input/ Non-Bufferred input option.
  • Standard negative center DC9V power supply.
  • Wide switch distance avoid misstepping, 70mm/2.76inch switch distance.
  • Ultra Compact Enclosure Size: 430(L)x95(W)x30(H)mm / 16.9(L)x3.54(W)x3.74(H)inch.

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