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Designed for stage guitarists, Guitar Effect Commander (GEC434) is a versatile loop station which where multiple combination effect looping is possible just by engaging a single switch, it also features an onboard volume booster and a silent tuner option as well. The friendly user interface makes programming easy.

Different from other loop systems, the loop turn of GEC434 is discretional, for example, a distortion pedal connects to CH1, a delay pedal to CH2, a WAH pedal to CH3, a compressor pedal to CH4, user will be able to setup the presets to store below possible singal flows:

  • Preset1: "guitar -> Comp -> WAH -> delay"
  • Preset2: "guitar -> WAH -> Comp -> delay"
  • Preset3: "guitar -> distortion -> delay -> WAH"
  • Preset4: ......


  • Dimension: 36.5(L)X11.6(W)X5.3(H)cm
  • Weight: 1380g
  • Power Supply: DC9V
  • Current Drain: Less than 280mA
  • Input impedance: 500K ohm
  • Output impedance: 10K ohm
  • Max. Input Vp-p: 30V
  • Tuner Out impedance: 10K ohm
  • Booster Gain: 0dB ~ +15dB

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