Moen Custom Shop Parallax Overdrive - Richard Lainegard Signature Edition



Moen Custom Shop

This concept comes out from guitarist Richard Lainegard, he is looking for an overdrive with two channels, soft-clipped for rhythm and saturated tone for lead, then Parallax is born, this is an overdrive delivers smooth, natural analogue overdrive similar to a full-up tube amplifier. The effect is incredibly transparent as it responds to individual playing dynamics and lets the true tone of your instrument shine through as smooth, natural overdrive just like a cranked tube amplifier. Great for driving the front end of a guitar amp, solid state or valve!

Parallax have 2 channels - GREEN and RED, the GREEN channel offers vintage compressed soft-clip overdrive, the RED mode boost the mid range and get a saturated overdrive tone, the MODE switch toggles between two channels and the master bypass on/off switch engage/bypass the pedal.

Take off the back lid, you will be able to find a place for standard 6F22 battery, moreover, you will find out that the chip is replaceable! Change the opamps and find your own tone. Richard Lainegard choose a pair of unique opamp for his unique tone.

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