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Swedish guitar hero Tommy Denander met MOEN at 2012 Winter NAMM, and he was surprised by our compressor pedal, precise and fast response, musical touch feel, super quiet ... we talked a lot about the compressor, Tommy is looking for a compressor which provides a solution for his worldwide tour, then comes the Dual Soul comp (DSC) idea,  the DSC have two channels, each channel has its own preset -COMP, EQ, VOLUME. The CHANNEL switch toggles between the two channels and the master bypass switch gets the bypass tone easily. Tommy sets up one channel for clean/rhythm and one for dirty/lead, that makes rhythm and lead both working properly. To avoid tap dancing, Tommy needs an external footswitch jack which allows a programmable pedal switcher to control it easily, yeah, MOEN effect commander GEC9 is doing such kind of job!

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