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The MOEN AC-RV Acoustic Reverb Guitar Effects Pedal is designed to meet the spacious needs of acoustic guitarists. The timbre and tonality of an acoustic differs from that of an electric, and the team behind this model has worked meticulously to ensure that this pedal works harmoniously with your acoustic's natural character.

The connectivity on offer is nice and simple - guitar goes In, signal comes Out. The controls on offer are also straightforward, with a Mode Switch that allows you to select between various reverb options including: Hall, Spring, or Room. The Mix pot allows you to attenuate the blend between the dry and wet (reverb) signal. The Depth Mode allows you to toggle between A and B modes, whilst the footswitch controls whether or not the pedal is activated. In order to ensure your signal chain remains unaffected when the pedal is not in use, MOEN has incorporated a 3PDT true-bypass footswitch.

The level of control over your signal is nothing short of astounding, and the lush, textured response adds a sumptuous spaciousness to your tone. If you're performing in a small venue and wish to give your tone a lift, simply tweak the controls to find what you're looking for and get playing. The setup may be simple, but the vast range of options this pedal gives you is remarkable.

As we've come to expect from the team at Moen, the AC-RV is built like a tank, a definite must for those who're a looking for a consistent and resilient pedalboard ally. The rubber grip beneath the pedal eliminates slipping, so that no matter how frenetic your performance will be, this beauty won't let you down.

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