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The MOEN AC-CH Acoustic Chorus Guitar Effects Pedal has been designed to give acoustic guitar players a pedal that specifically caters to meeting the requirements that are unique to acoustic models. The delicate nuances of their timbre and tonality is afforded the utmost care, and for those who take their quest for the perfect tone seriously, then it doesn't get much better than this little beauty.

Connecting your guitar couldn't be easier with a single input connection, and a single output jack. Controlling the chorus is delightfully simple, enabling you to create subtle rhythm tones or searing lead tones - set your tone quickly and get on with the show. At your fingertips is a Rate pot, which allows you to control the Low Frequency Oscillator (LFO). The FX pot allows you to attenuate the blend of dry and wet (chorus) signal. The Depth knob gives you control over the effect level from subtle texture to shimmering brilliance. In order to ensure your signal chain remains unaffected when the pedal is not in use, MOEN has incorporated a 3PDT true-bypass footswitch.

During performances it is imperative that you can rely on your gear to be steady, and stable. MOEN has crafted a robust little unit that withstands the most energetic of performances, with rubber feet to ensure a rigid grip no matter what. The pedal can be powered by mains power using a 9V adapter, or a 9V battery when mains power isn’t available.

The MOEN AC-CH Acoustic Chorus Guitar Effects Pedal is a little gem that benefits from being lightweight and compact. If you're looking for a stunning adding to your pedalboard, then you need look no further.

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