ModTone MT-RV Coliseum Reverb




All true bypass premier reverb pedal takes you from Memphis shower tile, authentic vintage style spring or vast canyon vortex of reverb universe. If you think this is just regular amp verb in a pedal, guess again. This is a studio quality sonic tool that exceeds stock amp reverbs and literally gives you a whole new set of sonic colors to play with!

ModTone (about the MT-CRV)

If you say to yourself "Yeah, but my amp already has reverb..." then you are really missing out on the bigger picture. Sure, amp reverbs are fine but once you plug in the ModTone Coliseum Reveb and see what it can do, its a pedal you'll likely never leave home without. There is so much sonic territory you can cover its not even funny! Choose from three modes, Room, Spring and the majestic Grand Hall setting to dial in your perfect blend of tonal atmosphere. Designed to capture the sound of classic reverb tanks, you'll almost swear that you can hear the sound traveling through the springs when you kick it on! From subtle to lush, the ModTone Coliseum Reverb has all the bases covered.

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