ModTone MT-FD Flextortion - Supreme Distortion



This pedal covers a wide range of tones in the sonic landscape!

Featuring 4-band concentric EQ controls with sweepable mids in addition to independent level and gain controls, gives the ModTone Flextortion maximum flexibility and handles all your distortion needs. 


  • Level Knob controls output volume
  • Gain Knob controls distortion levels
  • Low Knob controls low EQ
  • High Knob controls high EQ
  • Mid Knob controls mid EQ
  • Mid Scoop controls


  • High impact switch
  • 20 mA current draw
  • -18dBu Nominal Input Level
  • 1MOhm Input Impedance
  • -0dBu Nominal Output Level
  • 1 KOhm Output Impedance

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