ModTone MT-DUO Dirty Duo



The MT-DUO ModTone Dirty Duo Overdrive is the Mack Daddy of overdrives and demonstrates why two pedals are better than one. Most guitarist's overdrive and distortion needs can change radically from song to song. The Dirty Duo offers two distinct overdrive pallets that that can be combined to boost the signal of the other. 

Imagine this; Overdrive 2 is set for your favorite classic rock or metal tone, sweet... now your next song is a blues number which requires significantly less gain but still needs some sustain, grit and a little punch, sweeter... when you reach the lead break you slam on overdrive 1 and combine both drives for a lead boost! Or Visa versa! It's like having 3 pedals in one! 

Overdrive 1 has volume, tone and gain controls as well as a Hi/low cut filter for ultimate range control. Overdrive 2 has volume, tone and drive controls.

The Dirty Duo features a rugged steel housing, durable aircraft style switches featuring silent true bypass circuitry and metal input jacks, make for a heavy duty, reliable piece of guitar playing equipment! Can be powered by a 9 volt battery or get the Mod Tone MT-APS Power supply to plug in and not worry about batteries! Backed by a 5 year written warranty.

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