ModTone MT-BD Bohemian Overdrive




Here it is! The all new Bohemian Overdrive by ModTone effects! This pedal captures the true essence of classic British Amplifier design. You can go from a touch of grit to full on UK saturation. Of course, True By-Pass circuitry, creamy Tube-Like grit, and an added "+/-" switch to help dial in the perfect grit to capture the exact tone you are looking for! All metal construction, metal flake red finish.


The ModTone Bohemian Overdrive pedal captures the true essence of classic British amplifier design. You can go from a touch of grit to a medium UK saturation setting. The true bypass Bohemian Overdrive is right at home as a main distortion in the front end of your amp or as some authentic tube saturation when used as a solo boost. When used in conjunction with the added + /- switch, you’re able to dial it the perfect blend of overdriven bliss!


  • Authentic British Overdrive
  • Creamy Tube-Like Grit
  • Controls:
    • Volume
    • Drive
    • Tone
    • +/- Switch
  • All Metal Construction
  • Glitter Finish
  • True Bypass


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2018-03-096.5/10  AC30ish type OD that's quite tasty for the price...

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