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The Inducer is a Limited Edition tube distortion pedal kit designed around a New-Old-Stock 6189W JAN (Joint Army/Navy) Philips vacuum tube.

This 6189 is a premium grade 12AU7 that was ruggedized for reliable operation in military mobile, shipboard, and aviation communications equipment, making it ideal for use in an effects pedal.

This tube is characterized by reduced microphonics, excellent linearity, and long life. When driven hard, as it is in this Limited Edition pedal, it produces beefy distortion. The Inducer uses the same classic circuit as the MOD™ Persuader Kit, but the 6189 gives the Inducer rich distorted fuzz.

There will only be 30 of these Limited Edition kits made and they are sure to go fast. Each has a hand designed box will be the envy of all your fellow musicians.

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