Modcan module 44A 904A Low Pass Filter


  • Range
    Retained from the original design, sets the frequency band over which the Fixed Volt knob operates in two octave steps.
    • -1Hz to 5kHz
    • -4Hz to 20kHz
    • -16Hz to 60kHz
  • CV 1 Amt.
  • CV 2 Amt.
  • Regen
    varies the amplitude of the resonant peak at the cutoff frequency of the filter.
  • Fixed Volt
    sets the cutoff frequency of the filter.
  • Level
    adjusts the filter input level


  • Input
  • Output
  • 1V/Oct
    Exponential converters track linear voltage input at 1 volt per octave. This input is primarily used for keyboard tracking and pitch control of filter in self-oscillation mode.
  • CV 1
    Control Voltage input with attenuator to control the depth of frequency modulation. Incorporates the standard Modcan inverting/non-inverting sign changer circuitry.
  • CV 2
    Secondary Control Voltage input with attenuator.



The 904A Low Pass Filter is a Modcan re-creation of the 4 pole 24db low-pass filter from the Moog Modular synthesizer. The 44A honors the Moog spec. with precision matched 2N3392 transistor pairs through out.

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