Modcan module 41A Fixed Filter Bank


  • Bypass (In/Out)
  • Level
  • LPF
  • 250 Hz
  • 350 Hz
  • 500 Hz
  • 700 Hz
  • 1 kHz
  • 1.4 kHz
  • 2 kHz
  • 2.8 kHz
  • HPF


  • Input
  • Output



The Fixed Filter bank 41a was inspired by the Moog 907a FFB. Eight precision tuned bandpass filters in parallel with High and Lowpass sections extending the range.

FDNR type filters are used for low-noise, low-distortion performance. Low value Q of 3.5 typ. was adopted for minimal interaction between bands.

As with the Moog 907a this is a frequency attenuating design without boost

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