The MOD lets you create new soundscapes for your music and use them live when you record and gig.

The MOD Duo is the first multipurpose pedal. It's hundreds of music pedals in one powerful little box. You won't have to buy a new pedal every time you want to experiment or spend another penny on pedals just to see how they'll sound - you'll download them from the MOD's interface.

With the MOD Duo any musician can freely install hundreds of effects and other audio apps from independent developers.

We are doing to music pedals what the smartphones did to the mobile phones! Any developer can create apps for you to use in your MOD Duo.  Teaching Apps? Collaborative plugins? You name it.

You can create, load and share virtual pedalboards to achieve any tone that you can imagine – and download anyone else’s shared pedalboards in a few seconds.

Download an entirely new effect and start using it without spending a penny. Share your exact tone with a buddy three thousand miles away – and know that you’re both getting the same great experience.



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