MMFX Ultimate A/B/Y


Morgan Miller

This is the Ultamite A/B/Y Box. It has one switch that switches between channel A and B. Then there is another switch that activates both channels at the same time, regardless of which channel is selected. There are LED indicators indicating which channel is on. Then there is another indicating when both are on together. Can be used with the LED's on or off. So if there isn't any power it will still work. There is a toggle switch to turn the LED's on or off. So you can save the battery lif if you don't need the LED's on.


  • 3 different colored LED indicators, indicating when channel A, B, or when both channels are on.
  • Switches for A/B switching and A+B.
  • DC 9volt adapter jack. 2.1mm center pin neg.(boss type). Also internal battery snap
  • Heavy Duty stomp switches, rubber feet, diecast enclosures.
  • Color of your choice

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