MMFX Tube Dancer


Morgan Miller

This is a MMFX Original custom pedal. The Tube Dancer is a Distortion pedal and Booster in one. It contains a variation of a Ibanez Tube Screamer and a Bixonic Expandora on the distortion channel. It blends the overdriven output signal with the clean input signal at the output. Both channels are equipped with true bypass, LED indicator with resistor switching so no pop is produced when switching. The Distortion channel has the controls to adjust the Drive, Tone, and Level. The Booster Channel has the controls for the amount of boosts you want. This is the exact same booster as the Dual Tube Driver DTD-1. It adds the right amount of distortion out of the tubes of you amp(or solid state)to bring on those wailing leads of your's. Both pedals can be used by themselves or simultainously. So it is as two pedals in one.

Tube Dancer Specifications

  • Tube Screamer Variation Clone and Seperate Boost Channel
  • Distortion boost toggle switch
  • True bypass with LED indicator for both channels
  • Heavy duty stomp switches
  • 9 volt operation with 9 volt adapter with 2.1 power plug with a negative center pin. (Boss, DOD Style)
  • Resistor Switching so there is no popping when effects are switched on.
  • This unit is absolutly quiet when not in use and in use.
  • Heavy Duty Diecast Construction.
  • Controls for Drive Tone, Level, and Boost
  • Rubber feet for no slip operation

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