MMFX DTD-1 Dual Tube Driver


Morgan Miller

This is a booster, not a distortion pedal. All it does is boost the signal of the guitar without distorting it. In return it will overdrive the tubes in you amp (or solid state) to create a smooth distortion. If you like the distortion of you amp and want to be able to control it, this is it. It adds the right amount of superb distortion from your amp for those mighty riffs and wailing leads. It allows you to select how much boost you want. In my opinion this is the best booster I have ever heard. It drives your amp tubes superbly.

Dual Tube Driver DTD-1 Specs:

  • True bypass
  • Control for the amount of boost desired
  • 9 volt operation with battery or 9 volt adapter.
  • Rumber feet for slip proof operation
  • Carling Heavy duty stomp switch
  • Heavy Duty Diecast Construction
  • Color of your choice

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