MMFX Brain Fuzz


Morgan Miller

The Brain Fuzz is a nice thick and heavy distortion. It can be varied from thin to thick with a turn of the drive knob. When most fuzz pedals' drive knob is maxed, distinct notes are usually hard to distinguish. But the Brain Fuzz is the opposite. Even on extremely heavy and thick settings, notes are distinct and ring through. Full chords even sound good on high settings. Since the fuzz is smooth, when chords are played the fuzz isn't overbearing. It is just right. Most tone knobs on commercial pedals usually mud the signal when turned down on the bass side. Not the Brain Fuzz. Instead of just cutting treble, it boosts the bass to give it a nice and tight bottom. On the treble side it will boost treble and cut bass instead of just cutting bass on a lot of commercial pedals.

Brain Fuzz Features:

  • True Bypass Switching
  • Boss/DOD style AC adapter jack
  • Tone, Level, and Drive knobs.
  • Unique Powdercoated Finish
  • Diecast Enclosure, Rubber Feet

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