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Mission Engineering

The Rewah ST is a tone switchable wah pedal with a vintage voicing. The ST model shares many of the features of it’s big brother, the Rewah Pro, including dual JFET buffering for extremely low noise, and hardwired True Bypass. Mission’s own design cast metal chassis matched to a custom, sealed ICAR taper pot gives vintage style strength and feel. In place of the Pro’s hand wired audiophile Mission inductor, the ST features a yellow Fasel inductor that provides an authentic vintage tone at an attractive price.

The Rewah ST can be rewired (Rewah’d) with four different circuit modifications to change the tonal characteristics via a small internal switch block. Boost the gain and lower the Q for rock and metal. Extend the bandwidth and reduce the gain for a clean country twang. The switches can be used alone or in series to suit your style, or just to change up your tone. The Rewah ST is finished in a bright glossy yellow that will stand out on anyones pedalboard.

Switchable options:

  • Sw1. Increases gain to add slight overdrive to the output transistor.
  • Sw2. Slightly lowers the filters center frequency and reduces the bandwidth for a more nasal wah sound.
  • Sw3. Lowers the center of the filter band for a bass heavy wah.
  • Sw4. Slightly reduces gain and increases bandwidth for a cleaner sound.
  • Switches can be used individually or in conjunction for a total of sixteen different tonal variations.


  • Dimensions: L9.9" x W3.9" x H3.0" (L and W at widest points. H at toe down including feet.)
  • Weight: 3.20 lbs
  • External Power: 9VDC, 2.1mm, center pin negative (not supplied)
  • Box Contents: 1x Rewah ST, 1x Hex Key, 1 x User Guide

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