Mission Engineering Boomerang - Programmable Dual Volume/Expression Pedal


Mission Engineering

Pre-Announcement - Mission Engineering codename Boomerang - programmable dual volume/expression pedal

Boomerang is a project to sum all of the common customer feature requests of the last five years into a single product. Boomerang is a combined volume and expression pedal that can seamlessly switch between the two functions during a live performance. Fully programmable taper control lets users tune the sweep to personal preference. On board flash memory saves settings. Extended travel, small form factor, wireless programming, and an ultra light all aluminum construction completes the wish list of the worlds ultimate expression pedal.

At a Glance:

  • Dual switchable volume and expression function in a single pedal
  • Switch live between volume control and expression control
  • Maintains settings on deselected output
  • Fully programmable tapers for linear, log, anti log, reverse, square wave etc.
  • Programmable start and stop positions
  • Program from any smart device via Bluetooth wireless
  • Extended sweep for smooth volume swells in small form factor pedal
  • Ultra-light all aluminum construction
  • Variable tension pedal operation
  • Estimated availability, Summer 2015.

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