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The new version of the Boost ‘n’ Buff (v.3) is available to order. We asked our Facebook followers what they would like to have in a boost pedal and this latest version aims to cover those needs a guitarist may have.

The Boost ‘n’ Buff now comes with a three-way EQ switch. The three modes on offer are a flat frequency boost, a mid-boost and the stock treble boost as in the previous versions. This allows the boost function to fit in any guitar/amp setup, and is now able to boost either a clean channel or already overdriven tone to give that bit more extra oomph.

The other feature this version has is an internal voltage tripling circuitry that takes a 9V only supply (by either DC jack or 9V battery) and supplies the circuit with approximately 27V! This provides more clarity and headroom in both its boosting and buffer functionalities. And unlike other pedals with voltage tripling circuitry, this Boost ‘n’ Buff v.3 will not produce feedback or high-pitched oscillations with certain expensive delay pedals.

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