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Midnight Amplification

The most comprehensive distortion and fuzz device known to Midnight Amplification, the Heavy Head is capable of almost every tone combination known to man. Boasting an easy to use tone shaping section means that if you canÂ’t find the tone youÂ’re looking for with the Heavy Head, youÂ’re doing it wrong! Drive, Pre- and Post-Volume controls allow you to dial in the exact amount of grit without feeling over complicated. The Lo/Hi switch allows users to easy change between frequency ranges - if youÂ’re playing bass, you may want to use the Lo positionÂ… but that doesnÂ’t mean it isnÂ’t fun on guitar.

Some say the Head is so Heavy because it holds so many tonesÂ…

  • True Bypass 
  • 9VDC negative tip power
  • Hand-tested and matched transistors
  • Powdercoated enclosures with full-color graphics


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