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Midnight Amplification

The Foctave is a brutal fuzz with an octave up, perfect for turning your leads into banshee wails with the flick of a switch. This fuzz is nothing short of heavy and whilst it is capable of softer, smaller and less obnoxious sounds, we can all agree you came for the heavy wall of sound this unassuming box can produce.

"This absolute monolith of a pedal bearing all the throwback 70's EH Big Box charm that kills off any conservative pedal board real estate logos is another art-meets-amplified anarchy creation from Nic Belor. 

Based on the Foxx Tone Machine, this is one hell of a wild ride on the double up frequency side. The amount of gain it is capable of is straight up scary. I am yet to get the volume dial past 10 o'clock for fear of ending up with Celestions looking more ragged than Neil Young at the end of a Crazy Horse set."

- Jim McKendry, DeluxeTone Guitars

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