Midnight Amplification Derange Master


Midnight Amplification

This is a faithful reproduction of the Dallas Rangemaster Treble Booster with much needed improvements including true bypass, 9v compatibility and a bias trim pot for transistor - allowing to pick the exact sweet spot of the NOS germanium transistor.

A lot of amps actually sound better with a treble booster in front; allowing the harmonic frequencies to show themselves without the icepick is where the Derange Master comes out on top. When cranked this booster has a very sweet overdrive reminiscent of Neil Young, however Iommi tones are easily obtainable with the amount of gain dialled on the amp, along with of course Brian May when paired with a good Vox top boost amp!

  • True bypass 
  • 9VDC negative tip power
  • Point-to-point circuit in box-style enclosure 
  • Hand-tested NOS germanium transistor 
  • NOS components available 
  • Powdercoated enclosures with full-colour graphics

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