Midgard Tone Works Toothgrinder II (Tanngnjostr)


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This new and improved, Midgard Tone Works guitar effect pedal bears the name of Thor's goat, Tanngnjostr, the tooth grinder. Each night Thor kills and eats the goats that tow his chariot, only to have them come back to life the following morning. This distortion will satisfy Thor's desire for tonal sustenance and leave you wanting more. Plug in your guitar and let the heavy doom and black metal riffs flow.

The Tanngnjostr from Midgard Tone Works is a unique distortion which draws influence from vintage effects from the op-amp Big Muff to the Pro-Co Rat, but delivers a unique, heavy and sometimes noisy experience. The gain goes from a solid riffing overdrive to crushing lo-fi noise. Dialed back a little is a sweet spot for heavy stoner doom. Be prepared for a unique and experimental pedal that breaks common conventions.

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