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Midgard Tone Works

Jormungandr is the midgard serpent. As he writhes around violently in the ocean, he creates a torrent of waves and frequencies, hitherto unavailable to the guitarist. These tones were once reserved for a dedicated synth keyboardist. Now you can experience true analog square wave output, pushed into an octave divider, which outputs 1 or 2 octaves down. This synth pedal also has a tunable frequency control, feedback loop and a squelch control for that feedback. It can be combined with an optional wave-shaper circuit, which can shape the signal into a sawtooth or triangle wave. Also the feedback loop can be sent to 1/4" jacks to allow the opportunity to run pedals in the loop. 

This is a mean pedal not for the faint of heart. It produces wild tone destroying sounds from busted speaker effect, to fat analog square waves. As always it is true bypass, allowing you full control over your own serpent.

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