MIA Overdrive




  • Low to medium gain overdrive.
  • Gain & level controls.
  • Perfect for boosting tube amplifiers.
  • Soft Touch True Bypass™.
  • Standard +9V power supply, no battery.
  • Rugged die-cast aluminium enclosure.
  • All hand build.

MIA-Overdrive is not a "standalone" overdrive. This pedal is designed to work together with your amplifier. So if you really like your amplifier, you'll love it when you push it to the edge with this overdrive. MIA-Overdrive will make your amplifier scream like a horny angel.

But to be honest, if you are looking for a sound changer or you don't like your amplifier, this pedal is not for you. MIA-Overdrive will bring out not only the best parts of your rig, but also the worst parts. You have been warned!

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