MIA Blues Overdrive



MIA blues overdrive is low gain overdrive/booster for those creamy, round, softly overdriven blues sounds. This pedal really shines in front of a high quality tube amplifier. This pedal will also stack very well with booster or EQ-pedal.

  • Gain & level controls, switchable clipping characteristics. 
  • Perfect for boosting tube amplifiers. 
  • True Bypass. 
  • Standard +9V center negative power supply, max. 5mA current. 
  • Rugged die-cast aluminum enclosure. 
  • All hand build.

When switch is in front position (towards the potentiometers) sound is round, soft and mellow, and when it's in backwards position you get more aggressive and sharper sound with little more edge.

MIA blues overdrive is very dynamic pedal and it has a great and precise response to your playing dynamics. Roll down your guitar volume, and MIA blues overdrive will clean up really nicely, or use a booster pedal before blues overdrive to make it really sing!

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