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The MHP NITROUS BOOST combines the best of clean and colored boost possibilities, all in one box. At mild boost levels, it's linear capabilities actually rivals other clean boosts, since the MHP NITROUS BOOST never gets too bright into a clean amp, especially with single coils. And at higher boost settings, it just gets meaner and fatter. The MHP NITROUS BOOST utilizes discrete dual gain stage technology. A linear stage is cascaded into a harmonically enhanced stage. Fantastic for a modest to moderate clean bump when used with a clean tube amp, but still crunchy at higher settings if you need it. Equally as fantastic into a crunchy tube amp, to provide all out mean boosted grind, and turn an overdriven tube amp into a raging, sustaining monster.

The dual gain stage setup allows for low noise operation with discrete components - no more compromising with uninspiring op amp boost tones, or hissy single transistor designs, either! Completely wired by hand, with a handmade overbuilt circuitboard. $108.00 shipped (domestic).

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