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Building on the foundation of her ancestor, the MHP EVELYN MkII moves into new territory, serving up new sonics that will pleasantly open your eyes.

The MHP EVELYN MkII adds a cascaded discrete gain stage for more distortion, and a new tone circuit to precisely balance the highs and lows. Not stopping there, a complete circuit rework got the voicing complimentary to the additional gain and new EQ flexibility. Something new emerged...

The end result? The MHP EVELYN MkII is a formidable rock box - throaty, muscular distortion with plentiful crunchy midrange and solid bass. Growl and bark at low gain, or chunky roar at higher gain. Smooth and crisp for sustaining chords and fluid leads. And tight at all points in between. All of the ingredients necessary for monster rock tones.

MHP EVELYN MkII features at a glance:

  • throaty crunch when you need edge and definition
  • smooth distortion when you need sweet and fluid sustain
  • strong midrange and bass for solid punch and push
  • Super flexible EQ control that doesn't require toggles or trimpots to get the voicing dead on perfect

Completely hand built, with a handmade overbuilt circuitboard, one at a time. $155.00 shipped (domestic).

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