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The MHP EVELYN is a departure from your typical medium gain stompbox - grittier, crunchier tones that are more aggressive than a hotrodded TS type pedal are it's calling card.

At the core of the MHP EVELYN are fragments of the Tube Sound Fuzz by Craig Anderton. The MHP EVELYN is redesigned for flexibility and tonal improvements that the original was not capable of. This was achieved by building the MHP EVELYN around DUAL DRIVE controls that are independently voiced.

Drive 1 has plenty of gain and bite. Drive 2 has less gain but is voiced for deep bass. The two are blended for your specific tastes, similar to jumpered amp channels. You can go from tight, biting overdrive to sizzling distortion depending on the knob mixture. There are hints of fuzz overtones at most settings, as well!

The MHP EVELYN is a perfect match into crunchy and clean amps. And it's a stacker's paradise - pair it up with another dirt box to get endless combinations, and the possibilities are wide open. If you've tried "standard fare" dirt pedals and have run out of options, the MHP EVELYN was made for you!

Completely wired by hand, with a handmade overbuilt circuitboard. $155.00 shipped (domestic).

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