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A fuzz that is the clear winner when bigger is better. A fuzz that is not an oscillating noisemaker or bedroom toy - the treble content is controlled to provide squarewave detail without harshness. With it's interactive Punch and Shove controls, the MHP Code Green is remarkably flexible in spite of it's monster fuzz capabilities.

With the interactive knob mixes you can get:

  • tight dampened fuzz tones that punch
  • loose fuzz tones with exceptional saturation
  • as much squarewave harmonics as needed
  • nearly endless sustain, should you need it
  • a crisp and defined chop at any setting
  • strong, authoritative low end
  • pronounced lower midrange that cuts through

    The MHP Code Green also features:

    • fairly low noise operation despite the amount of available fuzz
    • great tones into crunchy amps, small amps, and those that don't typically fuzz up well
    • ample boosting and headroom despite the amount of available fuzz
    • great cleanup with a twist of your guitar's volume knob, at any fuzz setting

    The MHP Code Green is completely hand built with a handmade overbuilt circuitboard, one at a time. $155.00 shipped (domestic).

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