Machine Head Pedals 72 Degree Overdrive


Machine Head Pedals

The MHP 72° is a light to medium overdrive that seasoned guitar players of all stripes have been looking for. It combines a sweet glassy attack with soft compression as the note decays, giving you warm and carefully colored overdrive tones. Wonderfully balanced harmonic content serves up twang and bite, combined with smoothness that must be heard to be believed. The MHP 72° sounds much more like an extension of your amp than traditional overdrive pedals.

The MHP 72° is an absolute killer with single coils into clean tube amps. It also mates perfectly to crunchier amps like a tweed Bassman or JTM45 (i.e. crunchy amps with about 30 watts or more), and is buttery with P90's, 'buckers, 'trons, and others. Try one and experience it for yourself, and prepare to be pleasantly surprised! Completely built by hand, with a handmade overbuilt circuitboard, one at a time. $155.00 shipped (domestic).

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