Machine Head Pedals (MHP)


    Machine Head Pedals is run by Keith Aviles and located in Arbutus, MD, USA.

    Timeline (by Keith Aviles)

    • Late 1984/early 1985: first COMPLETE scratchbuilt audio project (AM radio on a breadboard)
    • Fall 1988: first audio preamps that could be platforms for effects pedal designs that weren't "production standards" were completed
    • Early 1993: replicas of discontinued classic designs started (for personal purposes)
    • 1994: semi-regular modifications of existing mass produced pedals for local guitarists
    • 1994 to 1999: radical alterations of existing mass produced pedal designs in substantial amounts of labor hours
    • Fall 2001: first scratchbuilt pedals in larger numbers (but not for production yet)
    • Early 2006: completing semi-regular requests from local guitarists
    • Spring 2008: MHP becomes reality; pedals, modifications, and replicas are available for sale to the masses online
    • Late 2008/early 2009: MHP 72 Degrees Overdrive available for sale at Atomic Music in College Park, Maryland (USA)

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