MG Music Mono Vibe


  • Cores
  • Progress
  • Ch. / Vib. (toggle switch)


MG Music

Monovibe is a Leslie box in the size of a guitar pedal. A fat and dynamic chorus/ vibrato effect, tones that run from Hendrix's Band of Gypsies to Steve Ray Vaughan's in Couldn't stand the weather - when combined with our pedal The Drive.

Bluesy and psychedelic!

We recommend a 9 volts power supply and to put it as the first pedal in your pedal chain because it doesn't have the same performance when placed after a Fuzz.


  • “Cores”: is the speed knob!
  • “Progress”: is the depth knob! It controls the intensity of the modulation.
  • Mini-toggle switch:
    • Chorus: very different from the traditional chorus. A modulation that can give you the impression that you may have a delay, more than anything else a Hendrix tone!
    • Vibrato: as mentioned before, with the knob at 5 o'clock is where you get the Steve Ray Vaughan tone.


  • True Bypass
  • Potenciometers Alpha: metal film capacitors.
  • Everything packed in a specially cool-coated box!

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