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Exceptional drive sound, a fusion of TS9 with a silicon Fuzz tone, endless tone combinations between the four knobs and the select key, since a '70 Fuzz up to a creamy tube sound.


  • Volume: controls the volume of the saída do pedal.
  • Tone: adds bass and sharps to the tone
  • Bias: Acts in the tone as a “presence”, changing the final volume. When used together with gain in reverse positions you can get defasados pickups tones. Use your imagination!
  • Gain: saturation! Just that!
  • Mini-toggle switch:
    • Light: for humbuckers
    • Diet: for guitars with high-gain pickups
    • Classic: Single Coils and Vintage guitars

Preferred adjustments As it is a very dynamic and easy pedal, it is very hard to choose among so many adjustments. But a classic choice would be mini-toggle key in “classic” and the volume at four o'clock and the tone at three o'clock and bias at four o'clock and gain at five o'clock. It is a classic silicon fuzz sound, warm and fat.

You may test every knob in every position, there are several variations (high-end volume, gain at nine o'clock controlling the master in the bias - this is one of my favourite ones)

  • True Bypass: Potenciometers
  • Alpha: metal film capacitors.
  • Jacks switchcraft: Hammond style cabinet
  • Everything packed in a specially cool-coated box!

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