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It's our 600 mls analogic delay!

Two Panasonic MN3205BBD chips make the warmest and authentic analogic delay ever done!

The controls are Delay, Time, Mix and Feedback. The feedback with those analogic degenerations is something else!

And now with the optional pig's tail you can control the delay time through an optical sensor placed at the end of a cable.

It's like to have an expression pedal connected to the pedal…

This cabe is connected to a jack at the side of the pedal and it works when you step on it. The delay effect is controlled according to the distance of your feet to the cable. If you plave your feet far from the delay you get a fast effect. As you get your feet closer to the cable the delay gets more and more slow. When your feet is on the cable, you reach the slowest delay - even more than the 600 mls. It reaches up to one second, with a bizarre analogic distortion!

Together with the cable is an additional on/ off 3pdt key.

The only analogic delay with this accessory. It's another instrument!

Sound References? Early '70 Funkadelic, J. Beck in Truth, Pink Floyd in Ummagumma

  • True Bypass: Potenciometers
  • Alpha: metal film capacitors.
  • Jacks switchcraft: Hammond style cabinet
  • Everything packed in a specially cool-coated box!

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