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The MG BUKOSWKY Envelope Filter is designed to create a wide variety of "wahwah" sounds.

The Envelope Filter is a voltage-controlled, low-pass filter in which the upper cutoff frequency is determined by the amplitude, or “level”, of the input signal. The louder the signal, the higher the cutoff frequency. The loudness of the signal therefore controls the "brightness" of the sound.

Four knobs, two 3pdts footswitches and one toggle switch are provided on MG BUKOSWKY Envelope Filter.


  • Threshold: Varies the sensitivity of the filtering action; i.e. the degree of brightness obtained from a given input level. Sensitivity increases as the control is rotated clockwise.
  • Attack :Varies the attack time of the filter. At full clockwise position, the filter responds almost instantaneously. Counterclockwise rotation of the control gradually lengthens the attack time. Longer attack times serve to create a "wa" at the beginning of each note played.
  • Emphasis I and II knobs: A boost on the mid- bass (emphasis I) and on the mid treble (emphasis II) of the filtered signals.
  • Reverse sweep toggle switch: Phase inverter, changes the “starting point” of the filtering action. With the switch on the reverse sweep mode the filter starts on low frequencies, and the switch turned off starts on higher ones.
  • Filter Range Footswitch: Makes the range of the filtering action longer, giving an impression of a bigger “wah” effect.


  • Handmade Case
  • Alpha Pots
  • True Bypass Switching
  • LED Indicator
  • Polyester in oil caps
  • Switchcraft jacks

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