MG Music


    MG Music is run by Marcelo Giangrande in São Paulo, Brazil.

    Timeline (by Marcelo Giangrande)

    • Early 2004: we made our 4 first pedals and 2 or 3 amps
    • Late 2004: we rent a house and started MG MUSIC officially
    • Early 2005: we hired our first employee and we already had 3 more pedals in the line, including the That's Echo Folks Analog Delay, what I believe is our masterpiece! Later it became the That's Echo Folks with Pigs Tail, the weirdest analog delay ever according to many guitar players!
    • March 2005: we made our 1st sale to PedalGeek in the USA. That changed everything! We started to get real serious and got amazing feedback from everywhere. Vintage and Rage Guitars in England became one of our dealers too. For us in Brazil, selling guitar effects pedals from here to the 2 places where rock'n'roll was invented (US and UK) is like having an American soccer player in the Brazilian national team to an American soccer fan. Just impossible!
      From there we went to 9 more countries!
    • In 2006 we got a email from England saying that Noel Galagher bought 4 pedals, then Kevin Shields, Brian Molko, Billy Corgan and we even received mails from Mick Taylor and Edgar Winter because they wanted to buy amps!
    • In 2007 we started working on the line of guitar amp speakers. That took me 2 years to finish the way I think it is on the same level of the pedals and amps!
    • In 2008 we added the Space City and Stereo Vibe to our line-up and they became a hit, especially the Space City, producers love it!
    • In 2009 we moved out to a bigger place and focus on the line of speakers and kept making more and more pedals and amps! We added 2 new amps to the line that year.
    • 2010: same thing: taking care of larger orders!
    • In 2011 we moved again and changed most of the crew and are taking care of business!

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