Mewplex FX Boston Cream Fuzz


Mewplex FX

Imagine a beautiful bird high up in the blue sky, and it landing on the top of a tall tree...then imagine you just mowed the tree down with the awesome sound of you and your Boston Cream fuzz pedal.

Fuzz that tracks the volume control settings of your guitar. Touch sensitive overtones. Pick lightly to hear the upper harmonics just shimmer as they outline your melody and then punch a power "A" chord to smash them into little pieces that go screaming home for their mommy! Yep, it can do that and more. This is the next fuzz you should purchase.

Product details:

  • Hand wired and tweaked for optimum tone and performance
  • Full time power supply, maintains tone and reduces operating costs: no batteries
  • Durable vinyl artwork: tough with good looks
  • True bypass circuitry
  • Tone to make your mama proud

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